The start of the activities of Naujasis Nevezis, JSC.



The beginning of the production of breakfast cereals and snacks.

After being introduced to the organisation of the production of cereal-based products, its technologies and equipment, specialists of the company prepared the production programme of cereal-based food. Having analysed experiences of the US, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, and other countries, as well as held consultations with specialists from the German cereal industry and researchers from the US university, the optimal production, equipment, and technologies of cereal-based products suitable for Lithuanian conditions were selected.



Development of first products

Sweet rings, potato chips with sour cream and dill, sweet corn sticks – these were the first products of the company. Some of them can still be found on the shelves of stores even now.

In 1995, one production line was operating and two shifts worked during the week.



The birth of the trademark.

While comparing the first and the current logo versions, it is almost impossible to recognise that this is the same trademark.

The first trademark of Naujasis Nevezis, JSC reflected the name of the company and had no associations with its production.

Over time, the logo has changed eight times.



The turnover exceeds one million euros.

The company expanded its assortment by adding spiced corn chips. In 1997, the turnover of Naujasis Nevezis, JSC reached its first million, if counted in euros.



The emergence of the second technological line.

With the ongoing expansion, the company understood that it needed more production capacity. In 1998, another investment was made and the second technological line appeared.



First export of OHO! products to Estonia.

The first Oho! products were exported to one of the Baltic countries – Estonia – at the end of 1999.

Later they were exported to the Latvian market. The list of export countries became even longer, while more and more potential partners found out of Naujasis Nevezis, JSC and Oho!



First international exhibition “Anuga”.

In 2003, Naujasis Nevezis, JSC for the first time participated in one of the biggest food fairs ANUGA after which the third production line was installed.



The first ISO certification.

With the expansion, as well as the increasing scope of production and sales, the systematic operation of the company became even more significant. In 2004, an audit took place after which Naujasis Nevezis received an ISO certification.

During the same year, one of the first awards was also received – a Silver Medal for the Product of the Year was won by the salty sour cream and onion wheat snacks.



SIAL nomination: The Innovation of the Year.

The second international fair of the company was SIAL taking place in Paris.

The company’s employees returned from it with a first international award: Oho! product ‘Happy Rings” won the Innovation of the Year award.



The BRC standard is implemented.

Expanding directions of export required an image of a reliable supplier. In 2009, the company implemented BRC standards.



The number of employees exceeds 150.

The company did not stop its expansion: in the same year, the fourth production line was purchased.



Investments are made in new matrices, while packaging possibilities are increased.

Over the years, the company understood that to attract the attention of consumers it had to distinguish itself from the crowd. In 2011, a matrix of one of the most interesting forms – letters – was purchased.

In the same year, the company also expanded the assortment of its packaging: clients received an opportunity to buy products in boxes.



The export list exceeds 20 countries.

In 2013, the company could boast not only of its European markets but also of exporting products to the US and Africa.



Introduction of cereal bars.

In a few years, the assortment of the company was expanded by a completely new category – cereal bars.

Four lines were created: muesli, bars with berries, breakfast, and protein bars.



Addition of coloured cereal and expansion of new lines.

The assortment was expanded by one of the most unique and playful products – “Fruity Froops”, the colours of which are obtained from fruits and vegetables. In the same year, this product also won the Nielsen research company award as the most successful product in its category.



Development of plant-based products.

One of the most innovative product lines – lentil chips – was developed.

The vegetable-based products quickly found their way into the consumers’ hearts and not only in the local market. These products are highly valued by clients from England, Scandinavia, and Israel.



30th anniversary!

Based on the data of the research company Nielsen, the Oho! trademark is the leader in the category of cereal for several years in a row and makes up the greatest part of the market.

In 2021, the company reached a record turnover of EUR 18.6 million.



The company's expansion

The company is expanding its facilities by more than 1,000 square meters, while the production output will increase by up to 30%.


We believe that investing in quality pays off, and our food safety and quality standards confirm that we are a reliable manufacturer and partner.
UAB “Naujasis Nevėžis” currently holds the following certificates: FAIRTRADE, HALAL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRCGS, and RA.




Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists “Lithuanian Exporter of the Year 2023” Award.


Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists “Lithuanian Exporter of the Year 2022” Award.


Oho! Pea chips line won an award “Created in Kaunas district 2022”.


Oho! breakfast cereal “Beach party” won a golden medal in the LPK award category “Lithuanian Product of the Year”.


SIAL Innovation selected award for the Pea chips line.


Laureates of  “Verslo Žinios” TOP 500 Lithuanian Business Leaders.


Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists “Lithuanian Exporter of the Year 2021” Award.


“A’Design” award bronze medal for the design of lentil chips.


Research company “Nielsen” award for the most successful novelty in the category – breakfast cereal “Cookie rings”.


Oho! lentil chips won a golden medal in the LPK award category “Lithuanian Product of the Year”.


SIAL Innovation Selected Award for the “Lentil chips” line.


Research company “Nielsen” award for the most successful novelty in the category – breakfast cereal “Fruity froops”.

The secret of the
production technology

Naujasis Nevezis can generate approximately 1,000 tonnes of production per month and now the company has about 500 different recipes of products.

Oho! breakfast cereals are liked by children due to their playful shapes, crunchy texture, and different tastes. Most of the products are enriched with fibre, vitamins, and flavoured with various fillings.

Oho! snack line has exceptional technology. The snacks are made of corn, potato flour, lentils, and peas by using extrusion at extremely high temperatures and sprinkling products with oil instead of frying them in it.