Quality and safety

JSC “Naujasis Nevėžis” is one of the largest producers of breakfast cereal, sweet and savoury snacks as well as various components for the confectionary industry in Lithuania, as well as a manufacturer of extruded feed. It has implemented the integrated quality, food safety, and environmental protection management system that complies with the requirements set by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRCGS Food Safety, Halal, RA and Fairtrade standards requirements. The production of feed is carried out in accordance with good production and hygiene rules, applying the requirements of HACCP and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standards.
         Mission: Food for an exciting life.
         Vision: The leader in the Baltic region (as a company), innovative, creating value:
For consumers – to be a part of daily life.

  • to produce safe, high-quality and authentic products, which satisfy the needs of consumers and clients;
  • to ensure human and financial resources necessary for the implementation of HACCP system, the food safety standards and legal requirements;
  • to ensure that the company complies with the highest hygiene and sanitation requirements during all stages of production;
  • to implement the valid legal, customer, and other requirements applicable to the products.
  • to increase and maintain high food safety culture level;

For employees – an attractive employer that encourages employees’ improvement, creativity, and development.

  • to provide the employees with the conditions necessary for qualitative and efficient work by ensuring social guarantees and benevolent atmosphere of mutual understanding;
  • to recognise the merits, the creative initiative of the employees, and to encourage them to pursue higher results;
  • to pay salary with respect to the scope of work, complexity, and effectiveness;
  • to ensure safe working conditions for the employees as well as appropriate preparation for possible emergency situations in the organisation;
  • to systematically educate, train, improve qualification, encourage the employees to work by consciously observing the established requirements, to take the responsibility of the impact on the product and environmental safety.

For owners – a profitable company that has a prospect and potential to grow. 

  • to monitor and regularly improve the quality, food safety, and environmental protection management system according to the requirements set by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRCGS Food Safety, Halal, RA, Fairtrade ir RSPO standards;
  • to advance the production technology and implement technical innovations;
  • to increase effectiveness of the management system;
  • to improve the management of natural, energy, and other sources, waste management and its rational utilisation.
  • to determine and reach the aims and objectives of the integrated management system, by observing pollution prevention and food safety principles.
  • to value the employees’ work efficiency and to promote it in all the activities of organisation.
  • to cooperate solely with reliable suppliers and contractors, aiming that provided materials or services and the working conditions set to their employees would conform with the company’s policy, objectives, and legal requirements. To involve customers, partners and subcontractors in creating safe, high quality and authentic products.

For the community – to create new jobs, participate in the activity of the community, provide help to people, especially children.

  • to use the most environmentally friendly materials;
  • to constantly improve processes according to the technical advancement, scientific innovations, consumers’ needs, and society’s expectations;
  • to constantly reduce the negative impact on the environment by implementing measures for pollution prevention;
  • to grant support.

Director of JSC “Naujasis Nevėžis” Gediminas Krutulis
12 August 2022